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secure, flexible, dynamic and cost effective business solutions.

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Data Unleashing the power of

Data to extract knowledge, insights and predictions.

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Service Innovating services

and empowering people in a world of technology

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indispensable tool for business results.

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Mobility Making the enterprise mobile

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Business Analytics

Aaum helps businesses to understand their customers better in order to drive more targeted customer retention and revenue generation programs.

Customer segmentation
By developing an understanding of customer demographics and buying behaviour aaum's analytical engines are able to intelligently segment a Client's customer base thereby enabling the implementation of optimally targeted marketing programs and services.

Customer Acquisition (acquiring new customers)
Aaum’s customer acquisition solution greatly enhances marketing efforts by using predictive analytic algorithms in conjunction with existing customer information, demographic and geographic information to pinpoint target consumers.

Customer Retention (retaining existing Customers):
Aaum allows the retailer to frequently examine a customer's past service usage, service performance, spending and other behaviour patterns. Using predictive models Aaum can then determine the likelihood of a customer wanting to terminate service. At this juncture intervention with lucrative offers can increase the chance of retaining the customer.

Up-sell and Cross-sell
For Companies that offers multiple products, aaum's predictive analytics can help analyse customer's spending, usage and other behaviour, to help cross-sell the right product at the right time!

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