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    Productivity Improvements

    Productivity and Process Improvements
    Process and Productivity Improvement are one of today's sexy management buzz phrases and when done well, it can provide a powerful boost to your bottom line.

    QT&T takes a systemic versus linear approach to improving processes and productivity. This allows us to quickly identify the interrelatedness of an organization's processes and create solutions that increase productivity and profitability for the long-term.

    Processes are the fundamental building blocks of all organisations, and both process understanding and process improvement form the lifeblood of total quality organisations. Processes transform inputs, which can include actions, methods and operations, into outputs. The opportunity for improvement to either operating or management processes can often be vast, but must be focused. It is imperative that the number of process improvement activities undertaken by an organisation is matched by the organisation’s ability to fund the activity and implement the changes without harmful disruption to day-to-day delivery of its products and services.

    Depending on the organization and process goals we use a variety of tools and techniques viz. 5S, Muda, Six Sigma, Lean practices, Kanban, Kaizan for process improvements which will have a positive impact on productivity.

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