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ERP Solutions


Odoo (formerly OpenERP) is Enterprise Resource Planning software. It provides a complete, integrated ERP solution for small and medium sized businesses and organizations.

Odoo is an open source alternative to SAP, Oracle, Microsoft & other enterprise resource planning software’s.Odoo includes financial and analytic accounting, warehouse and inventory management, sales and purchase management, customer and supplier relations management, association management, tasks automation, human resource management, marketing campaign, document management, help desk, e-commerce integration, and point of sale functionality. Odoo is an open source alternative to SAP, Oracle, Microsoft & other enterprise resource planning software’s.With 3.000+ apps, Odoo is unique. No other product allows such a level of integration out-of-the-box.

Odoo features an application server which uses PostgreSQL as database back-end, with a web-based client. It is written in the Python programming language, with a highly modular design which allows for the rapid development of new modules through Open Object RAD. Odoo developers have a strong commitment to free software.

A thriving support and development community has grown up around Odoo, providing free technical support, bug-fixing, new development, and support services. Odoo provides extensive documentation in various electronic formats, as well as hardcopy.

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