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IT Security

Two factor authentication

ArrayShield is the provider of innovative Pattern Based Two Factor Authentication Solution. The vision of ArrayShield is to emerge as the Global Thought Leader in the field of Information Security. The mission of ArrayShield is to provide highly secure, low cost and easy to use security solutions globally.

ArrayShield, pioneer in two-factor authentication has won multiple Awards/Recognitions for its innovative and unique technology.

ArrayShield pattern based Two Factor Authentication is a method that is cost-efficient and easy to use. It uses sequential pattern recognition and a translucent card to reliably identify users. Users choose a memorable pattern (sequence of cells on the array) as their secret and carry a unique translucent card that masks the grid displayed on the screen. Every time they log on, they are presented with a challenge Array of random characters, which will be displayed on their computer screen. They then overlap the ArrayCard and enter those values that are present in their remembered pattern, creating a secure, one-time secret-code at every login. So even if hacker is able to crack the one-time-code as the same is not valid for the next transaction, the user's identity details are not compromised.

Arrayshield’s IDAS pattern based two-factor authentication platform can now seamlessly integrate and secure application virtualization and virtual desktop infrastructure. .All top virtualization products like Citrix XenDesktop and XenApp, VMware View Virtual Desktop and Microsoft Hypervisor etc. can be integrated with ArrayShield's IDAS Two Factor Authentication

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