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Lean Expert

Course Overview:
Lean is about creating more value for customers by eliminating activities that are considered waste. Any activity or process that consumes resources, adds cost or time without creating value to the customer becomes the target for reduction. One of the important aspects of Lean is the focus on system-level improvements versus point improvements. It is the system-level work that can dramatically improve a company's bottom line results.

This knowledge, combined with the understanding of how to identify & reduce waste is critical for any successful Lean implementation. Errors, bottlenecks, inefficient process flow, lack of information, duplication of effort and non value added process steps, all impede flow in the value chain of an organization. Lean tools target improvements in quality, process reliability, workplace organization, process set-up time and streamlining work flows.

Course Objectives:
Lead improvement projects
Understand simple basic problem solving tools.
Apply concepts and tools to the selected projects

Target Audience:
Black belts , Six sigma Green belts, project managers , Quality Managers, team leaders & students (MBA, Engineering ) interested in learning the methodology, tools & application.

Course Content:
Lean overview
Integration of Lean into Six Sigma
Diagnostic assessment
Product and service family
Voice of the customer analysis
Value stream analysis
Product flow analysis
Operators activity analysis
Set up time reduction
Pull system/ KANBAN
Cell design and implementation
Cell performance measurement

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