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Secure Drop Box


Today’s workforce is on the go and it’s your job to ensure the exchange of information, access to documents, and collaboration is unimpeded. Staff needs to be connected to email and text distribution solutions, students must be able to communicate with teachers/professors, and patients have to be able to reach their physicians. Securing the constantly changing mobile environment can be daunting for many organizations. It’s critical that you safeguard against data leakage/loss/security threats/non-compliance. But, you’re also under pressure to provide the latest mobile features – such as content collaboration and instant sharing.


8K Miles offers an enterprise-class, secure mobile collaboration and content management solution for your on-the-go workforce. We leverage the advantages of Alfresco’s content management solution with the data storage features of Amazon’s RDS for a seamless solution. It’s built on our security framework to mitigate your risk of data leakage/loss, while providing tools for compliance reporting.

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