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Two factor Authentication for VPN and Cloud


With heightened security needs, organizations need to look at newer security technologies beyond conventional perimeter security mechanisms. With hacking being an organized underground industry and not any more an activity of a few nerds, organizations of all sizes (including SMEs) are vulnerable to varied information security threats.

Cloud solutions (SAS) which are abundant now require additional security apart from the basic password protection. Some CRM solutions and customer based solutions contain strategic and confidential which needs to be protected from other security threats.


ArrayShield’s Strong Two-Factor Authentication Solution which is based on a patented system provides security against common and advanced hacking attacks related to identity fraud like Key Loggers, Screen Loggers, Phishing, Replay Attack and Social Engineering. In addition to providing high level of security, it is much affordable and easier to integrate and use than traditional alternatives.

ArrayShield IDAS can be integrated to a range of enterprise applications, be they VPN based, Web based or Application based. ArrayShield IDAS authentication platform enables organizations to secure access to sensitive information and intellectual property for employees, devices, partners and customers. Both internal and external systems can be protected from Insider Threat as well as the Remote Threats.

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