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Even though the organizations project managers have lots of experience and have PM certifications, they continue to underperform or unable to reach the required KPIs. This might be due to some inherent lack of deficiency in terms of hard and soft skills which needs to be identified and strengthened. Evaluation of Project team members has always been difficult with the current performance measurement KPIs.


The KOAN-PM is the very first and only behavioral competency on-line instrument in the field of project management that is not based in the Self-Image of the project manager/team member but on their deeper personality. This makes it possible to predict the behavior and competencies on a very accurate way and determining developmental needs of project managers/ team members (improving their hard and soft skills): KOAN-PM instrument and reports, PM-360° feedback instrument and reports, and PM-risk management 360°.

A lot of existing questionnaires for project management are conceptual by nature i.e. Project managers filling out these questionnaires understand easily what the item is intended to measure. As a consequence, this questionnaires measure one´s self-image rather than their real personality. During 7 years it took to create the Koan-PM, experts intended to develop the most accurate predictor of the true competencies of a project manager. The project manager/ team member filling in the questionnaire has thus no idea what exactly is measured by a specific items which makes it utmost difficult to direct the answers towards a clear goal. The result is a strong prediction of the personality, competencies and work style of the concerned project manager/ team member. The KOAN-PM report consists of two parts:

The first part is a very extensive and detailed description of the work style of a manager, during the five project phases viz. Initiating, Planning, Executing, Monitoring and closing. At the end of the description of each phase, on overview is given of the strengths and limitation of the concerned project manager, verbalized in short and powerful statements.

The second part consist of a figure-based evaluation of the scores on 8 competencies: viz. Respecting and commanding respect, Developing support, Creating involvement, Result-orientation, Creating clarity, Managing information and maintaining control, Organizational orientation, Self-confidence and flexibility. Each competence is broken down in 8 very concrete and different behaviors for every competence.

On each of the behaviors a score is given that indicates whether this behavior represents an obstacle for success, development point, a positive characteristic up to a distinctive quality.

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