Cloud Leverage Cloud to create

secure, flexible, dynamic and cost effective business solutions.

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Data Unleashing the power of

Data to extract knowledge, insights and predictions.

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Service Innovating services

and empowering people in a world of technology

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Project Making Project management

indispensable tool for business results.

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Mobility Making the enterprise mobile

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Customer Impact

Aaum helps clients to understand the expectations of their customers - what they want, how much they willing to pay, what types of product campaigns will touch their pain points, and what would be the best channels for communicating with them thus allowing for the implementation of very cost effective customer campaigns.

Conjoint analysis
Conjoint Analysis is an advanced market research technique that gets under the skin of how people make decisions and what they really value in products and services. Conjoint analysis make a series of analytic trade-offs to reveal the relative importance of the attributes customers use in making decisions.

Pricing strategy
Smarter pricing drives higher net income than cost reductions, and can lift revenues while reducing promotional spending and markdowns. Aaum has perfected a variety of analytical techniques to help organizations develop pricing strategies that maximize profitability.

Promotion analysis
The art of marketing is to be able to effectively make trade-offs between various promotional campaigns to maximize return. Aaum helps to make such decisions based on hard facts by modelling the promotional response to product campaigns across all promotional channels.

Segmentation is essential to arriving at focused services to customers. Aaum’s segmentation techniques are based on demographics and transactional information that allow for the targeting of optimal services and marketing campaigns to customers.

Product analysis
Aaum’s product analysis solutions empower organizations to assess product compliance, performance and risk, beginning early in the innovation process and continuing throughout the product lifecycle.

Channel analysis
Aaum’s channel analysis allows organizations to understand the effectiveness of various sales channels, gauge channel growth and compare channel margins.

Sales analysis
Timely identification of newly emerging trends is very important to businesses. Sales patterns of customer segments indicate market trends. Upward and downward trends in sales signify new market trends. Aaum uses time-series predictive modelling to identify market trends embedded in changes of sales revenues.

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