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IT Performance Management


The performance management system lacks alignment between individual performance, departmental performance and organisational delivery and so all systems default back to financial measurements.
The second challenge happens at various levels of the organisation in that poor measures are developed, in many cases targets are set but no relevant measure is put in place. In other cases no data can be collected or is kept as evidence to track performance.
The Leadership and Management challenge has a huge impact on integrating and aligning a management system to deliver a comprehensive performance management system. The commitment and understanding of leadership and management of the requirements for achieving a workable performance system is critical to performance success.


Successful Performance Management can be achieved by measuring performance according to set targets. We offer a software product for the measurement and for communication of the results and corrective actions (QPR Metrics) as well as professional services related to these needs.

Typically QPR customers use our products for the following performance management solution areas:
Strategy implementation
Balanced scorecard solutions (BSC)
Business performance management (BPM)
People performance management
Function specific performance management solutions (e.g. project management)
Risk management and compliance (RMC, GRC)

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