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Lean Six Sigma – Champions

Course Overview:

When launching a large Six Sigma based initiative in any organization, it is imperative to get the right start and the right support from the top management. Six Sigma Champion training is designed to give project champions clear idea of what six sigma is & critical skills required for a successful six sigma initiative. With the right skills they can assess and prioritize Six Sigma projects around the appropriate corporate objectives and facilitate the implementation of the projects.

Course Objectives:
Get familiar with the Six sigma Methodology, tools & techniques
Aligning six sigma to the organization’s strategic initiatives
Roadmap & milestones in implementing Six Sigma
Define the roles and responsibilities during the implementation of Six Sigma
Understand project selection methods & Define well scoped project charters

Target Audience:
Top managers and all the departmental level managers, including HR and Finance managers from a company, and those who will lead and manage Six Sigma Champions.

Course Content:
Introduction to Six Sigma
Core fundamentals of Six Sigma
Roadmap to implementing six sigma
Leadership’s role and responsibilities in a successful implementation
Key measurements in Six Sigma
Project identification and selection
Project charter
DMAIC project management
Sustaining Six Sigma
Do’s and don’ts in Six Sigma Development
Pitfalls and lessons learned from other Six Sigma implementations

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