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Course Overview:
This workshop is designed to assist participants to understand the Green IT concepts and then start implementing from policy development, action plan development and deployment. The workshop will enable participants to apply principles of auditing IT in an organization (from energy consumption and carbon footprint perspective), undergo detailed calculations of carbon footprint, Return on Investment (RoI), Payback Period, Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and Cost Benefit Analysis (CBA) for various Green IT actions. Training methodologies include classroom training and hands-on exercises, video clippings, quizzes, discussions and case studies. The participants will also understand the change management and risk management associated with Green IT actions, and will be fully equipped at the end to start good practices implementation in their own spaces (organizational/personal).

Course Objectives:
At the end of this course, participants will be able to:
Definition of Green IT
Internal and External Drivers, Roles &
Principles of Climate Change
Policy, Strategy, Action, Program Plan Development
Various Calculations (Carbon Footprint, RoI,
Payback Period, Cost Benefit Analysis etc.)
Change Management, Risk Management and Mitigations
Vendor Selection
Cradle to Grave Scenario for the IT
Pass the exam on the last day, which will lead to the ISEB certification for Green IT professionals

Course Approach:
This course will be an interactive classroom session which will connect the course content with real world examples.

Target Audience:
Heads – IT, Facilities, CSR, Sustainability,Green IT, Environment Health & Safety
Teams – IT, Facilities, Finance, CSR, Sustainability, Green IT, Legal, Procurement, Quality
Internal and External Auditors responsible for auditing Green IT practices
Those involved in special projects like CDM(Clean Development Mechanism), CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project), e-Waste Management, Energy Efficiency etc.

Course Prerequisites:
There are no formal prerequisites; it is recommended that participants have experience in the IT domain.

Course Student Material:
Participants receive a copy of the course workbook which contains the classroom presentation material.

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