Cloud Leverage Cloud to create

secure, flexible, dynamic and cost effective business solutions.

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Data Unleashing the power of

Data to extract knowledge, insights and predictions.

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Service Innovating services

and empowering people in a world of technology

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Project Making Project management

indispensable tool for business results.

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Mobility Making the enterprise mobile

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    QT&T Consulting

    QT&T offers high end consulting, training and appraisal in the areas of Leadership, Innovation, Business Transformation, Process Management, Human Capital Management, Project Management, IT Service Management, Risk Management and Compliance.

    QT&T helps firms pursue global leadership and gain competitive advantage. Decades of rich industry experience coupled with incisive research, in-depth knowledge and industry best practices provides QT&T with unique and practical insights on what works and what doesn't in a business excellence initiative. With this background, QT&T consultants sit on the same side as the client and help evolve an improvement strategy by analyzing its current and future business goals, challenges, business risks, service delivery model, feasibility studies, operations, cost structures, need for change, extent of change and flexibility to changes in business environment.

    Incorporated in Singapore, QT&T Consulting comprises a young and dynamic team with a passion to create excellence by sharing knowledge. QT&T facilitates entrepreneurs and professionals move to the next realm of knowledge, thereby enabling them to convert their dreams into reality.

    QT&T's Vision:

    Make a mark worldwide by bringing out the “best in people, on the basis that each individual has an latent pool of experiential knowledge that if harnessed properly could result in breakthrough improvements at individual & corporate performance”.

    QT&T's Mission:

    To enable organizations and individuals to lead and manage effectively and efficiently in an era of continuous transformation by dedicating our unique network of experienced professionals with domain knowledge, technology expertise and managerial skills.

    To create lean and best-in-class organizations and processes using modern strategies and tools.

    To create and bring about widespread impact across all industry sectors using interactive E-learning technologies.

    Inshort, our core mission is - "Empowering Professionals, Energising Technologies through high quality initiatives"

    Service Suite

    • Leadership
    • Innovation
    • Business Transformation
    • Process Management
    • Human Capital Management
    • Project Management
    • IT Service Management
    • Risk Management & Compliance