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Registration Terms and conditions

(Applicable only for Instructor led classroom training and not for on demand learning / self paced learning)

Enrolment Confirmation

  • Registration can be made either through direct walk-in, fax or mail before the course commencement date.
  • Once registered, a seat will be reserved for three (3) days during which payment must be made.
  • The School reserves the right to offer the seat to other paying participant without prior notice.
  • Participants who register less than three (3) days before the course commencement date are to make their payment immediately.

Course Fee

  • Includes all course material(s).
  • The course fee indicated in the registration form is the final course fee payable by the registrant for the course(s) enrolled.
  • Discounted course fee (if any) offered to the participant is based on the condition that the participant complete all the course(s) enrolled. QT&T reserves the right to withdraw or amend the discount in the event that the participant fail to complete the course(s) enrolled.
  • Discounts (if any) are given at the discretion of QT&T. QT&T reserves the right to amend the discount(s) extended to any participant as and when it deems fit.


  • All course fees are to be made in full 1 week prior to commencement of course.
  • For cheque payment, please make payable to “QT&T CONSULTING (ASIA) PTE LTD”.
  • Official receipts will be issued upon receipt of full payment.
  • Original Official receipts will be requested for cross verification and authentication of payments by QT&T for processing any request.

Course Withdrawal / Refund Policy

  • All course fees and deposits paid are non-refundable under any circumstances.

Cancellation and Postponement of Course Schedules

  • QT&T reserves the rights to cancel/ postpone/ amend any course without penalty, due to insufficient participants or any unforeseen circumstances.
  • In an event of cancellation or postponement of a class by QT&T, the participants will be notified through phone or email at least five (5) workings days (where possible) in advance with the alternate schedule (if any). For emergency cases, less than twenty-four (24) hours notice will be given instead.


  • When a candidate registers for a training program with QT&T at a particular time and location, that seat is fully reserved for that candidate and is not available for other candidates. At the time of reservation, that specific time and date is taken out of the scheduling and registration system; so, by rescheduling at short notice, other QT&T candidates are deprived from being able to use that time and seat. This will be more relevant for candidates who have booked the sessions which they have missed.
  • In such cases, QT&T has the right to charge the candidate a rescheduling fee and/or make the next available training slot for the candidate according to its seat availability.

Support services

  • For all training, if exam support is part of the training package, then support period will be for one year from the date of the training or registration, which ever is earlier. This will include any daily exam questions, support for queries, payment of exam fees and all other support activities identified during registration. 
  • If there are any version changes during the support period, candidate may have to pay for the material printing and binding costs for any new material, cost of which will be  decided by the QT&T management. 
  • On a case-by-case basis, exam payments not used up by the candidate after one year of support will be converted into one training voucher equivalent to the exam fees paid. And the QT&T management decision is final. Candidates might have to top-up as required if the cost of the training program they want to do in lieu is more than the training voucher given by QT&T. Please note that there will be no refunds and no payments will be done by QT&T after one year. And the training vouchers are not transferable.

Registration Info and Privacy

  • All information given to QT&T during registration process will be kept in the custody of QT&T and it will not be used for any other purpose apart from its own QT&T information sharing services. Please ensure the receipts of all transactions are kept which will be used for verification for any support services requested by the candidate.

*applicable to all training courses delivered by QT&T both at inhouse and external venues.