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secure, flexible, dynamic and cost effective business solutions.

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Data Unleashing the power of

Data to extract knowledge, insights and predictions.

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What is analytics?

As quoted on Wikipedia, “Analytics is the discovery, interpretation, and communication of meaningful patterns in data. Especially valuable in areas rich with recorded information, analytics relies on the simultaneous application of statistics, computer programming and operations research to quantify performance.‎ Analytical approach makes future and Business decision more manageable and predictable based on scenario and inputs”. Source: Wikipedia.

In difficult business environments, information to understand productivity and reliability drives better. To evaluate performance and promotion efforts are critical for survival and progress in Business. To manage these challenges better, we at QT&T designed training programs especially for small companies and Start-Ups programs; to support, to build and enhance analytical capabilities in your company to enable informed Business decisions.

To improve Business performance, QT&T offers training in Analytics support enhancements in the following areas:

  • • Profitability
    Discount, Margin, Promotions, Incentives, Revenue analysis
  • • Market analytics
    Competition, Pricing strategy, Demand optimization
  • • Marketing & Sales analytics
  • • Procurement analytics
  • • Operations analytics
    Inventory, admin, infrastructure, finance, Departments, LOB
  • • Stakeholder analytics
    Customer, Vendor, Supply chain, Employees, Contractors, Agents
  • • Project analytics
    Time, Efforts, Risk, Quality, Health
  • • Integration analytics
    Sum of all parts. Better be integrated and not in Silos